the Right Honorable Aaron Brick welcomes you to His belligerent domain
[Psuedo-Binary / Fakir Icon] Macintosh Pascal & FutureBASIC Non-Expertise:
   My utility Fakïr v1.2 (26k .sit.hqx)
      My silly and recursive piFinder (26k .sit.hqx)  
[Map of RSA]South African Fetish:
  the University of Cape Town
    the African National Congress (ANC)  
[A Big 'A']Frantic Scribblings:
   Scoff at them if you will
     The poetry of my relative and good friend Robert Herrick  
[Big Notes]Pleasant Melodies:
   Be dazzled with my good taste
     Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 FM (where I DJ)  
[Playmate Data Sheet:
   You're not interested, trust me...


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